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Things May Not Be Fine (also, Free Comic Book Day!) | May 1, 2017
whee I changed the vote incentive finalllyyyy

(Some readers called it a little while back, but....... yeah I might not have been super accurate when I said things were fine?? 8D)

HOWEVER the Kickstart is doing awesome, thanks so much to all of you guys!! We're well past the 50% mark now.

Also, for anyone in the Toronto area: on Free Comic Book Day (May 6th) I'm going to be at two signings: Page & Panel (the TCAF shop) from 11-2, and at The Beguiling from 2-5. You can see more information here! I'll have copies of Chirault Volumes 1 and 2 on hand, and I'll be doing free sketches for visitors along with a bunch of other cool artists :D

(btw I changed the vote incentive finalllyyyy)


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