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More Q&A! | April 25, 2012

...Yup, Astrid's choice of activity is a little boring.

Still taking questions for this Q&A thing, incidentally!


It begins! | April 23, 2012
NOTE: The next 48 pages to come are a minicomic about Astrid as a child (yep, that's him up above!). If you want to get back to the main story, CLICK HERE.

I decided back around January (when wondering how I would balance school with the comic as finals go on all summer) that a far-superior alternative to dropping updates to once-weekly or taking a hiatus all summer would be to start posting a 48-page minicomic that I made about certain characters in Chirault. For anyone curious about Astrid's backstory, this is for you!

SpiderForest Comic of the Week is Twilight Lady, an urban fantasy story about an immortal currently trapped in the body of a human girl. Its earlier chapters are done in CG but recently a new artist has joined the team with a slick classic comic-book style, and it looks good. I'm linking to the beginning of that storyline because it stands on its own and is a good place to start reading. (:


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