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Testing | December 20, 2011
Hmm, it looks as though the site dislikes doubled apostrophes/quote marks. Good to know!

So if I were to try coding in a link.... My tumblr!

HOORAY IT WORKS 8D Though every time I try to put in an image it breaks... well, I will figure that out later. Meanwhile, I will throw up a couple of links!

The webcomic Between Places, because Tiana helped me out with coding this all up (along with RanJado of the Spiderforest Webcomic Collective) and my website would not be as pretty without their assistance).

Also, my voting portal on TopWebcomics. As soon as I figure out how to code images in here without them breaking I will probably start updating vote incentives and incentive thumbnails again. :B Edit ...Unngghhh okay never mind, looks like news is still broken. 8C But it will have to wait till after I return from beind out of town to get fixed. I still have the tagboard, anyway!


New site | December 19, 2011
SOOO, new website! Just a few kinks to work out, such as this newsbox having issues displaying and so on. But the pages are now live, and looking quite lovely!

ANYWAY, I will continue to work on the site over the next while. Other things to poke:

-Change the colour of the Spiderforest banner up top to be green instead of purple

-Get the shoutbox off of the archived pages (ie, it will only show up on the homepage)

-Once I figure out how to incorporate links and so on into my newsbox without breaking it, format it so that the title is bolded and my name is not appended with .php. Also, maybe find a way to get a box around it to make it look less squished?

That is all for now!


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