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Shoutboxing | January 1, 2012
Heya! First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

And, with the new year, a NEW SHOUTBOX 8D All colour-coordinated to go with the new site and everything.

Also! The SpiderForest Collective is opening up for another round of applications this month! So if anyone reading this page makes a comic, and is interested in joining, the Apply page has all the information and suchlike as what you would need.

Note to self, for tomorrow or whenever I get back online: change something in the CSS code to make hyperlinks in my text more obvious, manual underlining is a little cumbersome


Good news everyone! | December 30, 2011
I've calibrated the smell-o-scope, and the invaders from Alpha Centauri V will be here in around six months!

....Wait, no, that wasn't it. Oh yes! Chirault's RSS feed is now up and running. If you use an RSS reader, the icon at the right-hand side of the navigation menu should take you to it. This feed updates itself without needing any input from my grubby, typo-making, code-ruining fingers, so hopefully what this means is that without my idiotic interference it will not suddenly break the way the old one did on occasion.

Also, vote incentive is updated again!

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This one is a collaboration in PaintChat with Duskglass, who also has a webcomic here. Fun times!


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