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ew Kiran, eeewwww | April 4, 2012
Here is the response to Glass's question in the chatbox-- THE QUESTION EVERYONE WAS DYING TO KNOW.

Dentists do exist in the world of Chirault, they just tend to mostly (or exclusively) live in the cities. As Kiran dislikes cities and avoids them when he can, I don't think he's ever seen a dentist. Luckily for him his teeth are made of sterner stuff than most.

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Boops | April 2, 2012
Whoops I was kidding.

Comic of the week this week is Dream Scar and it is so pretty *A* It's a story about a subset of supernatural 'unhumans' existing in hiding along humans, and the protagonist's discovery after years of living as a human that she is one of them.

Also, will start uploading the answers to the in-character Q&A thing this Wednesday! I can't forget or rethink this, I've already queued them up! Bahahahaahaha!!!

Vote incentive: Panel cropped from the minicomic I am working on, which will start running on this site on April 23rd!

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