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bugssssss | April 11, 2012
Here is the response to a question asked by Duskglass, over on the Fantasy Comic Portal: What was Kiran's worst bug-related experience?

Well, the exact story may change depending on whatever bug-related incident happened most recently. I have the feeling that whatever the actual worst incident was, it's been blocked from his memory entirely. It may have involved these.

Also, Alien on the same forums drew an alternate silly crossover/fanart answer to this question! Which is sort of adorable. Little fairybug things are from their comic, Chasing the Sunset.

Vote incentive: Lineart for the minicomic's cover!

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Floral | April 9, 2012
Because the rocks around it look like flower petals, get it??? Ha ha....

This seems like a good place to cut away to another scene!! Originally I was going to start the backstory intermission here, but then I decided to throw in a couple more pages first....

Comic of the Week this week is Keys, which is also very pretty ;3; Got a really neat graphic style, particularly in the intro pages. I am not sure yet what the overarching plot is building up towards as the main character is amnesiac, but it seems to be going in an interesting direction...

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