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Woop | April 18, 2012
Another bit of reader Q&A, woowoo.... I've been taking them out of the archive as I go, but I guess at some point I'll make a space in the Extras page for these.


teasing | April 16, 2012
Oh gosh a place! :O I AM SO EXCITED THE PLOT HAS FINALLY GOTTEN TO WHERE I CAN DRAW THIS PLACE YOU GUYS. Even if this is really only a glimpse, right now...

ALMOST TO THE END OF THIS SECTION. I guess the stuff that happens after this point could almost be considered Part 2 of the larger story being told here. One more update of the main story on Friday, and then it's time for the minicomic intermission! :D

It's Chirault's turn in the SpiderForest Comic of the Week linking bonanza, so I will take the opportunity to use the sidebar space to pimp out Duskglass's awesome steampunk comic From the Machine. It's got glowy dudes with wings, aerial adventures, and all sorts of other fun steampunky shenanigans. So check it out!

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