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Another Question and Answer thing! | May 23, 2012
Kiran really really REALLY doesn't like bugs.

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Yo ho ho | May 21, 2012
Happy Canada Day!

Oh man oh man Anime North is this weekend and I'm totally not ready for it, I have so many projects due at school aaaaaaahhhh. Will have to set aside some time to print new art for the con though.... I wonder if the printed books of the minicomics I ordered will have arrived by then?

....Oh yeah I guess I should say something about that here. I went through Comixpress to get the minicomic (yes, the one that's currently running on the site) printed, because the whole thing is in fact already complete. Comixpress has a sort of store option where readers can order copies of books printed through them-- so I'll be getting a bunch, to bring with me to cons and stuff, but people can also order them directly from the printer themselves and have it shipped straight to them. I guess I'll put up a link to that page as soon as the Comixpress guys have finished all the necessary prepress steps. (:

(If people go that route it does mean that I can't do fancy things like sign the books or doodle in the inside covers, but it'd probably be cheaper in terms of shipping, so there's a bonus.)

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