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:U | June 1, 2012
I edited the news post Wednesday to say this, but... I finally updated the archives page! And while I was at it I also split up the Extras page into Gallery and Links, which are a little more self-explanatory than just the catchall 'extras'.

The Q&A images are now linked off the Extras page, since as I hide them after they stop being on the front page of the site, if I didn't link them somewhere they'd all become invisible and inaccessible after awhile. XD

As the minicomic goes on I may add an extra button between 'first' and 'previous', giving an option to go to the beginning of the minicomic. But I am done for now, haha.

Also, current comic of the week is LeyLines, which is about conspiracies and assorted other shenanigans. Got some neat mythology, too, and a very well-developed fantasy world.

Meant to write something on Monday, got eated by school... you know how it is.


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