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Special fancypants update! | June 21, 2012
So this update is a little extra thingamajig, because I got a question about Rune's story (specifically the part where he mentions magic causing the demons to happen). I'm not sure when or how I'll work this into the narrative of the main comic (it'd be cool to I guess but I don't know where I'll get an opportunity without more text-walling?), SO here is a little rough doodly page wherein Astrid, um, textwalls about it.

Enjoy! 8D

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Character Q and A! (THE LAST???) | June 20, 2012
This is an answer for Muninn's question, which was asked over on the Fantasy Comic Portal Q&A thread... reply was a little belated, sorry about that! My only excuse is school.

(as an aside, everyone should read Spindrift.)

Teeko will find some opportunity to give Kiran that leaf, never fear.

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Oh. | June 18, 2012
So, anyone who thought adult!Astrid was wordy.... this page is dedicated to you.

Comic of the Week is Riven Sol, telling a tale of Lovecraftian horrors on board a space station. Good times!

Vote incentive: a picture I made while trying to brainstorm new cover ideas. I liked a different one better, but threw some quick colours onto this one anyway; I might go back to it later, too.


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