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Woops | August 1, 2012
SO YEAH I said four updates this week and THERE WILL BE FOUR UPDATES DARNIT. Today, tomorrow, Friday. Until the end of August the minicomic will run four days a week, so there'll be an update every weekday except for Wednesday (which I will leave open in case of Q&A and also so that I don't run out of pages toooo fast).

Main comic will resume on the first Friday of September (though the cover for the next section will go up on Monday the 3rd). I'm going to be tentative for the moment and assume I'll be going back to a twice-weekly schedule thereafter, but it's hard to be sure; depends what happens coming out of this class, job-wise.

Comic of the Week (will get banner up when I get home): Malaak. Check it out cuz it's a neat comic!


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