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I gotta remember to keep news queued up :X | November 5, 2012
I'm doing NaNoWriMo this month too (on top of full-time work, weekly life drawing, and karate), so pardon my scatterbrained-ness XD;;; I've got a buffer of pages built up so the comic should keep updating (definitely til the 22nd, and I've got a pretty solid script for the rest of the chapter after that), and I've also got some fanart I'll be putting up as soon as I get the time to code it.... Soon!

Plug of the week month: If any of you guys enjoy drawing things for others and receiving drawings from others, there's a Secret Santa For Artists event going on this year-- it's got its own forum set up, which is here. It's only got a handful of members so far, but the deadline to join isn't til mid-November, so I'm sure there'll be more soon! Check it out if you're interested. C:

It's my first year doing an event like this, I'm excited! 8D


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