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Character Q and A | April 3, 2013
This is pretty much a direct continuation of last week's question! Also from Sky.

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No. | April 2, 2013
KIDDING there is no treezombie vs treezombie minicomic :C (though the possibility of it happening eventually is greater than zero, I suppose, since it seems like it'd be all kinds of fun o do)

I'm hiding the joke page from the archive, but it's still accessible here.

Instead it is back to the usual! Time for them to figure out a way out of this... There'll be another Q&A response tomorrow, and then another page Friday.

Also, I started reading the Temeraire series on Friday, and am just starting on book 6 now. It is giving me powerful urges to draw dragons. Why didn't I put dragons in Chirault? Why don't I put dragons in Chirault?? Maybe I should, it seems like a good idea. dragonsdragonsdragons.


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