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Character Q and A! | May 8, 2013
Another question from Duskglass, tying into the previous two!


Weewoo | May 6, 2013
So I just found this amazing webcomic! It's called Godsend and it's beautiful. ._. Amazing, delicate, expressive art.... beautiful imagery, riveting story, great characters and worldbuilding built up a bit at a time, I just.... ahg, it's too good D: Must link.

Should warn though, it's got some pretty gory violence in it, so if you're disturbed by blood and mature themes (or are at work), this may not be the right comic for you. Otherwise, do check it out!

(also, I changed up the way the vote link displays! This way it will be less annoying to edit thumbnails and such, though stripping the now-redundant vote links from old newsposts has been a pain. :X Will probably be weeding those out for months after this...)


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