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character Q and A! | August 28, 2013
bawww Teeko. This question is from Duskglass!

Spiderforest applications are closed now, and the new members will be announced on the first of September! (Or in my case probably on the 3rd, since I'll be out of town til then and any news posts I make during that time will have to be queued up)

Fan Expo went quite well! I'm thinking about maybe opening up some kind of shopfront to sell prints and the like-- I've sold out of several runs of this image at its 11x17" size now during conventions, and maybe it could be nice to offer them online through some kind of store (along with maybe the minicomics since I'll have more of them soon, hopefully in time for SPX). I will be ruminating on this a little while. Further updates on this subject in future!


THWAM | August 26, 2013
Leveling up.

Fan Expo over. Time to craaaaaash.


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