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Character Q and A! | September 25, 2013
Bethan, oh my :U

This question is from Duskglass!

Update: For the record, the questions I am answering in these updates come from multiple sources! Three of the forums I hang out on have character Q&A threads:

Spiderforest forums character Q&A thread - the webcomic collective Chirault is a member of has its own forum, along with all the other comics that are members! A lot of creators hang around there.

Fantasy Comic Portal character Q&A thread - the Fantasy Comic Portal (or FCP) is a general hub for fantasy webcomics; open to anyone, readers and creators alike, and full of fun threads and discussion.

SS4A character Q&A thread - this is a forum dedicated primarily to a secret-santa-style art exchange twice a year, but it has some other fun threads and conversations going on year round.

...So, yeah! If anyone has any questions feel free to ask in whatever way you feel most comfortable; I will also reply to tumblr asks, emails, comments on Deviantart, and whatnot.


hmmm | September 23, 2013
I keep feeling like I ought to have news, but it deserts my mind as I sit down to write this :C

I did change the vote incentive again, though! Teeko + an amazing confection, sitting in contemplative bliss.


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