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hup! | January 20, 2014
Comic of the week is one of Spiderforest's newest members!

Evus is a steampunk fantasy adventure story! In the world of Nem, cities are built floating atop endless cloud seas. When they start mysteriously falling away into the lethal storms below, Wester begins to look for a way to save his hometown from that fate.

Also, it's got super beautiful art *3*

I reached the end of another Chirault sketchbook! GOODBYE, SUGARLOAF BOOK, you have served me well these four months and more (I started it in September 2013, I believe). Its spine didn’t fall apart! That happened to a few of the earlier ones, so I am pleased this time around.

Now begins the era of the Vanniman Time Machine book. I expect great things of it! Maybe I’ll finally learn to not try to erase my lineart before the ink is dry this year.


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