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patreon | February 10, 2014
First: I updated the vote incentive on TWC!

So I've been hearing about this Patreon website thing from other comic creators (almost all good things!), and after poking around it a bit.... I made a campaign!

I've been hesitant to increase my update schedule, since while at the moment I've got a pretty good buffer of pages finished and ready to upload, every time I have started planning to increase updates to 3x a week again, another job or priority comes up and causes me to lose it again. On the one hand, that's what the buffer is FOR (making sure I don't miss updates even if I don't have a chance to make any pages for a week or two); on the other hand, increasing the update schedule and sticking to it would mean I could get more story out in less time! (and this is a long story XD)

Having a dedicated income stream (anything greater than zero) coming from the comic would help towards that goal greatly! It'd also help me to do things like prepare my first 135-page volume for printing, which is another thing I've wanted to do for awhile but never quite managed to set aside priority time for.

(also, I set it up so that subscribers can see pages in advance :U )


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