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Con Mode | August 15, 2014
SO I should mention these things, since they are happening!

For anyone in the DC/Bethesda area in the US... I won't be at SPX this year, but Spiderforest (the webcomics collective I'm a member of) has two booths! Some of my Astrid minicomics will be on sale there, and if anyone is interested in picking up one of my prints, we have an online storefront where you can order a print to pick up at the convention!

Also available there are prints by several other artists in the collective (including Dream*Scar, Spare Keys, and MoonSlayer), so if you're planning on attending SPX do check them out!

I'm going to be at Fan Expo here in Toronto at the end of August, too, since it's my local con; that'll have its own post later. (:


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