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old dumb rivalries page :T | August 27, 2014
News twofer!

1: For Toronto area (or Southern Ontario area) fans, I'm going to be at Fan Expo this year! Table A127 :D I'll have the Shenanigans minicomics, as well as a number of prints and buttons.

2: I am going to be away for two weeks in September, and I'm looking for material to fill the gap! So I've decided to have a Character Q&A Blitz.

If anyone's got any questions for the characters (any of the cast, major and minor), feel free to ask in the comments, or via email/tumblr ask/whatever you happen to feel most comfortable with. (: I'll doodle up a response in the same format as previous Q&As.

These responses will be posted in the place of regular updates during the two week span between September 8 and September 20 (although I may put up a handful of buffer pages on the Chirault Patreon for all patrons, from $1 up, to read in a mini-batch while I am gone).


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