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GOOOOAAAAAAL!!!! | November 3, 2014
So the Kickstarter made goal! Aaahhh!! IT'S GONNA HAPPEN YOU GUYS! (also the minicomic tier is almost gone already, wow)

I've announced a set of stretch goals, if the campaign continues to grow; improvements to the book, and additional goodies thrown in for backers!

We've already crushed the first stretch goal, which is to throw in a postcard-sized print with every copy of the book that gets shipped out; if we meet the next stretch goal, I can afford to print the book in colour, which will mean preserving the subtle sepia and violet hues of the original art as well as being able to use full colour for the bonus maps and character bios at the end of the book. Check out the update post linked above for a full rundown of the stretch goals!

Comic of the Week this week is Lasalle's Legacy: a tale of adventure and necromancy on the high seas!

Drawing Inktober for it was especially fun as I have always wanted an excuse to draw an old-style sailing ship!


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