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Quick plug | November 19, 2014
Hey guys, Tamuran is having a Kickstarter for their Volume 2! It's a fun story (and also all traditionally drawn!) and I have the feeling a lot of readers here will enjoy it :D


ehehehe | November 19, 2014
Rune: ....buh?

Alsooo the last stretch goal on the Kickstarter campaign is up! A PDF (free for all backers) containing guest art and comics from a whole bunch of awesome artists!

And for every 1000 we make over the goal, there'll be more content added to the PDF. :D Here are the artists who will have work in it if we meet the first tier:

Felix Duskglass (From the Machine)
Christina Major (Sombulus)
Heather Meade (Dream*Scar)
Mónica N. Galván (MoonSlayer)
MJ Alexander


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