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oh yeh | June 3, 2015
Also I updated the vote incentive! It's the first page of a 2-page short.


Sooo | June 3, 2015
This is the last page of Mr. Mauve's cameo!

He also did some fantastic fanart of Teeko in a new dress, do check it out! She looks adorable :D

Also, I went ahead and set up a gumroad account! They recently started accepting Paypal as well as credit cards, so on top of the other good stuff I've been hearing about them, I decided to go with them. I haven't made a snappy storefront with thumbnails yet but I can start experimenting and putting products up. First off, I've put up the Volume 1 PDF ebook:

Buy the volume 1 ebook!

So for anyone who wants the whole first 5 chapters in a convenient PDF (and missed the Kickstarter), there it be!


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