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New comics! | September 21, 2015
So the application season at Spiderforest concluded, and we have an amazing set of new members! More than usual, actually, so we've split up the greeting announcements to come in stages.

Here's the first three! Check them out :D

HERACLES KNOT- Leland and his best friend Jaida are training to become Wardens. They handle diplomatic disputes between faeries, and hunt down hostile creatures. There's more to being a Warden than grunt work, though, and something dark is brewing on the horizon.
-ENSANGUINE- After it is revealed that his blood acts as a universal antidote, a modest botanist must fight to keep his sanity and freedom from being compromised by a dying tyrant, a corrupt geneticist, and his own family.
-DANIEL- Set in the early 1930's, a story about a timid man named Daniel Groth, who undergoes a disturbing transformation.


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