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Aaaa | September 28, 2015
Here's three more new Spiderforest members!

XYLOBONE TOMES - Following the adventures of the undead wizard Saga, and his adorable companion Ariel.
Random Battles - After Nicole and her parents move to the Bebop Isles, they quickly find something's not quite normal about their new town. Some of the residents are hiding unusual secrets...
Witchery Etc. - A witch named Hazel meets up with a man named Jack who has lost his head; while searching for it, they get wrapped up in some magical adventures.

Also: big announcement coming later today! Watch this space!


Book 2 on Kickstarter! | September 28, 2015
So here is the news I was talking about!

Book 2 is ready to go!! If you'd like to get a copy, please check out the reward tiers! You can also help me out by sharing it, either way I will love you.

(Though really if you read my comic I love you anyway! <333)


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