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OH YEAH | September 30, 2015
And lastly, I updated the vote incentive over on TopWebComics! Check it out to see the cover of Volume 2 by itself (no text or overlays)


Kickstarter updoots! | September 30, 2015

So the campaign's going super well! It's over 75% of the way to the goal in less than 36 hours-- I'm gonna be announcing stretch goals soon!

Also, I posted a closeup of the prints available through the campaign over on tumblr, for anyone who'd like to look at them all together.

Oh, the last exciting bit of news-- some of the amazing works created by the guest artists for the fanbook of Volume 1 are starting to go up! You can read MJ Alexander's awesome short comic on tumblr here. I'll link to more as they come in!


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