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oops | October 6, 2015
So I donked up my posting order a little bit! Don't worry about it too much, this page was just supposed to appear a little further ahead in the archive than this. I'll leave it up until the next scene has been fully uploaded (on Monday), and then I'll move it.

So if it reappears with no comments, that's why!


(vote incentive updated!) | October 5, 2015
So the Kickstarter broke through the $5000 stretch goal over the weekend!! Now there's gonna be a lil 2-page short at the end of the book, similar to the one I included in book 1!

Also I posted the next two stretch goals, which I shall additionally drop in here for good measure:

Also, there's another cameo on this page: Miroki Tong and her BF!


WOO!! | October 2, 2015

Now we're in stretch goals land :D You can read about them in the link above-- while the first goal may have been hit, all new pledges and shares will just contribute to making this book even more awesome!


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