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Woop! | October 7, 2015
The note he's talking about is here!

Takin a break from Kickstarter-related news to plug more of the newcomers to the Spiderforest Collective!

Retroblade - After reality crashes in the year 3007, the last known survivor Axel Kepler must work his way backwards through time, trying to figure out where it all went wrong.

The Demon Archives: Minerva - As humanity struggles to rebuild civilization after the third world war, a soldier and his AI fight against demons both internal and external.

The Ferrin - A science fiction adventure, following the young researcher Elanor Standish as she studies her newest subject, the elusive wild animals called the Ferrin, in their natural habitat. However, in landing on the Ferrin planet she may have stumbled into a much larger mystery...


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