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OH YEAH | October 16, 2015
Also I'm going to be at CanZine in Toronto this weekend! It's from 1pm - 7pm, at the Art Gallery of Ontario in downtown Toronto.

(This is its first year at this venue, and I'm really curious how it's going to go!)


:T | October 16, 2015
Vivian..... [STERN GLARE]

Kickstarter update: WE MADE IT to the bookmark tier!!! All of the books will be sent out with a bookmark. (And I can't wait to see Yutaan's illustration)

This also meeeaaaans that stickers are up next! SO CLOSE. I put up the three sticker designs created so far as a vote incentive on TopWebComics, as well as on the Chirault Patreon.

Anyway, the Kickstarter is entering its final week (AAAHH!!)! So do check it out, and keep sharing it, and let's see where this goes! <3


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