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oo!! | November 13, 2015
Also also!! Castoff! is an amazing comic (and fellow Spiderforest member) which you all should check out-- and Heryan has a cameo on the latest page!

She looks super extra glowy and awesome there. <3!


Ahoy! | November 13, 2015
Rupa's just gotta open their big mouth or something.

So my hard drive sort of... died, after a buggy OS patch pushed it past its breaking point. I've got a new drive installed now and am in the process of setting everything up again, though I suspect I'll be finding new things to tweak on the new hard drive for at least a couple of weeks.

Comic updates are fine! The book should also be fine, though... two days later than it might have been otherwise, I guess XD;;;

Anyway, just wanted to update people here. And to say: ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR STUFF!!! (I just realized I didn't rescue my music files and am lamenting right now)


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