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Aaaaand we're back!! | January 18, 2016
Time to go on with the show! :D (If you missed the guest comics, you can find them linked off the Gallery page)

As far as news go..... there's a few things I should mention here! First, I'm still in the process of packing the books for the Kickstarter; nothing has been shipped yet, but I'm nearly ready to make the first trip to the post office. Things are still on track for February fulfilment! (Or a little earlier for some)

The Spiderforest Webcomic Collective is opening up again for applications during February; even though it's a leap year, it's still a shorter month than usual, so if you want to apply keep in mind applications won't be open for quite as long as usual. Check this page for more information if you're interested!

Lastly, hello to anyone dropping by from the review that went up on Sandra and Woo! Thank you to Robert Howard for the review, it was a sweet surprise.


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