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New Spiderforesters! | March 23, 2016
Did I say no more party splitting? I LIED.

Here are three of our newest Spiderforest members!

Tamuran is an epic-adventure style comic about a bunch of misfits on a quest to save their kingdom from evil sorcerers. The young heir to the throne must carry a message far through the wilderness to save his nation, while dark powers begin to consume the lands.

Halflight is about a drow-elf who leads a secret double life as she studies magic at her academy. But when mysterious deaths are being linked to her people, it will take everything she knows from both sides to get to the bottom of the mystery!

Soul's Journey is a story about a prince finding himself in a wolf’s body, while his country is at the verge of war. Lovely colour artwork, and a story that’s just starting out, so now’s a good time to hop in.

Check em out!


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