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Bethan, alone | March 28, 2016
Entering the mushroom caverns, part 2!

Here are three more of our newest Spiderforest members:

Title Unrelated: Three adopted sisters (Erin, Twapa and Mara) and their best friend Ciaran befriend a mysterious stranger named Xe who has no memory of his past. While visiting her cousin’s family estate in eastern Europe, Mara is kidnapped and her family and friends travel through a gateway to a parallel world in search of the missing girl…

Witches Get Stitches is a grungy fun high energy story about crude demons working retail and beatin’ stuff up.

Bits Fair: Everyone expects Irya to be the same sort of failure as his brother, so he heads off to the Autumn Fair to prove himself as a warrior and hopefully never come home again. Meanwhile, Ananda and Hira are also heading to the Fair; Hira is looking for someone, and Ananda wants only to eat, sleep and play. She may well end up being the only one who genuinely gets to achieve her goals.

Check em out!


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