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:D | April 4, 2016
For anyone who missed the weekend's update, just hit back to see the last page! And for anyone who missed Friday's gag, you can see it here.

Somehow this month Chirault made it into the top 30 comics on TopWebComics??? GOSH you guys!! In honour of that I've changed up the vote incentive again.

And, here are three more of our newest Spiderforest members!

Derelict is a post-apocalyptic tale set on a flooded Earth, beset by monsters and an eldritch fog that snuffs out life. The lone scavenger, Dang Thu Mai, is trying to survive the hazards of her environment while making a living for herself picking the bones of the old world.

Cosmic Dash is a sci-fi webcomic with space opera overtones, set in the Silver Spiral galaxy as it is being explored by many different alien races. Dash Kameku and his crew-mates operate the Lucky Strike, a war relic turned cargo ship, as they take jobs around the known galactic territories and beyond.

6Commando is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi about life, death, and the chain of command in an alternate version of the 1990’s. In the high-stakes game of military brinksmanship, where the smallest mistake can have the most dire consequences, the group known as 6-Commando is trying to prevent global catastrophe.

Check em out!


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