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oh!! | May 11, 2016
It's just you.

I'm putting together a lil booklet of sketches for TCAF :D this is kinda fun, digging through all my old concept art. May share some bits of it later!

Oh, and the marks on their faces are filter spells. Being mages, magic is their default solution to most every problem-- Vivian's team doesn't use this strategy because they don't have a mage on their team regularly and they've got the masks sitting around all prepped already. (The masks themselves have a stable enchantment applied to both enhance the filters and make them more comfortable/lightweight/not block visibility; spells applied directly to living beings are inherently less stable, and are prone to falling apart if not maintained. Even spells that are tattooed on like Astrid's eye marks and Ridriel's sight spell are maintained by drawing lightly on the energy of their users, and they're very difficult to repair if anything were to cut or distort them.)


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