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woop | May 16, 2016
Here are some previous pages relevant to this scene (thanks LeprechaunBorrower!): Chapter 15 pages 5 and 6.


TCAF! | May 16, 2016
TCAF WAS SO GOOD!! I am so tired. Going to go to bed the second I hit post on this.

I met a lot of cool people this weekend and came home with significantly less books than I left with (well, not counting the swag I picked up from other artists there). I was seated beside M Harding who does a comic called Honey Crab-- it's animated (with sound even!) and has super slick art with lovely lighting, you guys should go see! I read the first chunk of story in printed book form and am excited to check it out in full animated glory online once I am no longer in the grip of the dreaded Post-Con Doldrums.

Highlight of the con was meeting the readers who sought me out particularly! ;O; It made my entire weekend, thank you so much.

(Also I have to shout-out to the Namesake crew who are awesome and deserve all of the good things!! Without them it's pretty likely I would have tried to bike 4k to the reference library with all my boxes of books and prints :D;; <3 You guys.)


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