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Aaaaa | March 20, 2017
I am now out of town!

It's been a pretty whirlwind past... uh, entire year so far I guess. But there's some stuff coming up! Volume 3 is finally on the horizon.

I'll have more news later once the dust has had a chance to settle, but in the meantime I did a few more Character Q&As over on the chirault tumblr! Eventually I might add them to the gallery but for now I'll just link them:

Astrid or Rune: Can magic users (magicians?) heal themselves? Or can they only get healing help if a buddy shows up?

Kiran: When did you first discover that you got carsick/boatsick/everythingsick?

Astrid: So we all know you and Kiran don't always get along. But what do you like about him?


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