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welp | May 24, 2017
Time to get this show back on the road, amirite!

So, this is the final day of the Kickstarter! It closes at 9pm tonight, and then... that's it :O

There's a new episode of the SpiderForest podcast out! And it's about Kickstarters. The interview portion is with Jason Brubaker of ReMind, and in the discussion portion I talk a bunch about the process of planning my campaigns (along with Christina Major of Sombulus and Ben Fleuter of Derelict and The Sword Interval).

It's got a lot of good information in it, so check it out if you're interested in or considering running a Kickstarter yourself!

....and, uh, of course, please also check out mine :D


Aahh!! | May 24, 2017
LAST HOUR OF THE KICKSTARTER!! oh gollyy so close!


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